The new Historic Downtown Woodland Group

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Dear Members,
Since becoming President of the now defunct Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association, I have been working hard with the board of directors to establish the Historic Downtown Woodland Group.  Although the name has changed, the goal of Historic Downtown Woodland Group is to still represent downtown businesses within the community and city of Woodland.
As with any changes, one has many questions to address.  I will begin to address them, please know that if your question is not answered do not hesitate contacting me at
Heartfelt thank you to Ron Caceres: 
Ron has been a great leader, mentor and visionary to this group along with the community.  With his mentorship, I gladly accepted the role of President.  Over my term I will continue in Ron’s footsteps and will bring value/worth to Historic Downtown Woodland Group members.
Current status: 
This group is made up of local downtown business owners that care about this great city of Woodland.  Our goal as the representatives of the downtown was to bring quality events, community involvement and a voice for the business owner.  We soon learned that the inner workings of the group were a little disjointed.  Our goal is to make sure that we are current within government regulations parameters.  Some items, which needed attention, were several group names working under, and how these names impact tax filings.  It was determined to bring in a team of consultants to address these items.

After countless hours of deliberating options, we took the following steps: filing for dissolution of former names working under, determine a new organization name, establishing a board of directors under new organization, and filing appropriate applications with federal/state entities for non exempt status. 
Historic Downtown Woodland Group Board of Directors:
Cesar Torres, Kristina Fong, John Anagnostou, Marc Hutt, Tobit Barajas, Davis Towne, Andrew Linden, and Connie Holland.  Davis East Consulting has been guiding us through the process.
Next steps:
Historic Downtown Woodland Group will be the central hub for communicating current events, and welcoming new events into the city. To facilitate quality and impactful events presented a vetting procedure will take place in choosing a signature event(s).  We will be the voice for members and resource for the city.  Historic Downtown Woodland Group is on a mission for growth and the continuing support of downtown Woodland business owners. 
To facilitate better communication amongst members, a member’s login area on the website will be upgraded with bylaws, calendar of meetings/events, and any other membership information.
I am proud to announce a partnership with Woodland Chamber of Commerce.  This partnership will bring both groups together to offer members more value to its membership.
I wish to thank all of you for supporting this group and downtown Woodland.  Again, if you have any questions do not hesitate contacting me at
Cesar Torres
President of the Historic Downtown Woodland Group